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Ionamin® OTC Diet Pills by Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals.  Ionamin® is the hottest weight loss and energy dietary supplement on the market today. Ionamin® is a powerful thermogenic booster and amazing energy booster.


Ionamin® Diet Pills Get Real Results ... Fast


Ionamin® users lost 208% more Weight and 385% More Fat than Placebo and167% more weight than the Caffeine group and was shown to Burn FAT for 6+ Hours!  


Ionamin® OTC users saw an Incredible 16.6 % increase in Resting Energy Expenditure(Metabolism) over the first 3 hours with an increase of over 14.5% in Energy Uptakeover the entire 6 hours!  


Ionamin® was shown to elevate Metabolism over 22% in 45 minutes and whencompared against placebo at 3hrs post ingestion, Ionamin® was 66% strongerthan 30mg Ephedrine and 152% stronger than 10mg Ephedrine - and 871% strongerthat the Placebo at its highest point.  


Clinical Studies Prove Ionamin® Diet Pills Work Better


Ionamin® is one of only a few OTC diet aids that is backed by not one, but two clinical studies. OTC dietary supplements are not required by law to undergo clinical studies, however, Hi-Tech believed it was important with a launch of this magnitude to be able to quantify for consumers what type of increase in metabolism and weight loss they could expect to lose in a 8 week period.